Trade the way you want

Trade the way you want

Is your trading tech giving you a bad case of the blues? Transform your trading experience with thinkpipes. This powerful, intuitive platform gives you the tools you need to trade the way you want. 

Fast and efficient trading and allocation

Place block trades and allocate to multiple accounts with just a few clicks of your mouse. Use our algorithmic allocation tools to pre-allocate your trades, potentially saving a LOT of time.

Streaming market data

From bid and ask quotes on the Quote Monitor to the depth of market on Level II, thinkpipes delivers real-time market data* to help you make more timely and informed decisions. For more cost-conscious advisors, 20-minute delayed quotes are available for free.

Robust portfolio analytics

With sophisticated analytics, you can run detailed, transaction-based analysis on all portfolios, reconcile performance with attribution numbers, and measure risk. Go one step further and define your parameters for pre-trade simulations and analysis.

Extensive real-time charting

Chart equities, ETFs, mutual funds, options, and indices in real time. You can add numerous studies and compare multiple stocks or indexes quickly and easily.

And best of all, thinkpipes integrates with Veo One®. That means all of your trading and account information can flow seamlessly between both applications

Trading support and education

New to thinkpipes or looking to learn more about new trading strategies? Take advantage of our educational offerings to expand your trading knowledge and help you take your business further:

Trading Services

Education, technology, and execution services to help you trade smarter. Discover how you can identify, apply, and implement trading strategies for your clients with:

•  Extensive education

•  Experienced support

•  Advanced, next-generation technology

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Strategy Desk

The Strategy Desk is a free service to help you with a wide range of strategies ranging from options (income and hedging strategies, complex spreads, etc.) to technical analysis. We can help you explore ideas on:

•   Better managing risk
•   Understanding the effects of portfolio volatility
•   Potentially enhancing returns
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