Buy. Sell. Merge. Hire. With RIAConnect.

Buy. Sell. Merge. Hire. With RIAConnect.

Form connections that can keep your business moving with RIAConnect. Free to Advisors on Veo One®, the new RIAConnect platform uses an advanced algorithm to match you with the advisors, firms and new talent you need to make your next big (or small) move. It’s also the perfect place to connect with other advisors who have the same objectives and values.

The right M&A candidates

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, RIAConnect can help you find the right match. Matches are anonymous and based on your goals, firm philosophy and culture.

Critical succession and contingency planning

Less than 50% of firms have an adequate succession plan in place.* RIAConnect is just the place to find a succession partner or link up with a firm for contingency options. Anonymous, values-based matching provides you with connections that meet your needs.

New hires made easy

Connect with next gen talent, career changers and high-performing individuals returning to the workforce who are looking for opportunities at a firm like yours. RIAConnect can help you find candidates who fit your needs. Candidates can access the platform at TDARIAConnect.com/nextgen

Firm-controlled access

Access to the platform is based on Firm Principal authorization. The platform offers a secure environment to start having those conversations. Everyone who has a profile on the platform remains anonymous until such time as they wish to reveal their identity.

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