The power of intelligent rebalancing

iRebal, the Intelligent Rebalancer, is a rule-based rebalancing application that considers your clients’ tax consequences when showing possible trades that fit your criteria. iRebal is available as a fee-for-service solution to support multiple custodians, or as a web-based version available at no additional cost through Veo® for accounts custodied with TD Ameritrade Institutional.

Rethink Rebalancing


Hear from advisors how iRebal helped enable them to reduce the legwork involved in rebalancing.Watch video 

"iRebal cuts the time we spend on rebalancing portfolios by more than half, even 75 percent."
Joseph Starinsky

WNY Asset Management

How can iRebal benefit your firm?

iRebal’s highly customizable approach can help you gain consistency and efficiency across your firm’s investment operations, reduce operational costs for trade order management and allow you to spend more time on growing your business at a faster pace—without adding additional back-office staff for trading.

  • Streamlines investment operations such as managing your clients’ liquidity needs and asset allocation.
  • Empowers you to take advantage of market opportunities and rebalance according to your unique investment philosophy.
  • Facilitates dynamic tax loss harvesting—at any time of the year—and other tactical trading capabilities to help you quickly adjust individual positions, swap securities or harvest tax losses across all of your clients.*
  • Integrates with external systems—like portfolio management and CRM platforms as well as digital advice offerings.

Better Serve Your Clients

iRebal offers sophisticated capabilities built to accommodate the individual needs of your clients.

  • Tax considerate, household level portfolio rebalancing – the family of accounts can include multiple taxable and qualified accounts, as well as consideration for externally held assets.
  • Rebalancing can be done across any number of accounts in a household or group offering your clients possible tax advantages and potentially saving them money on transaction costs.
  • Extensive cash management functionality to locate or raise cash, taking your defined tax implications into consideration.
  • A broad range of security types – iRebal considers the full range of investments from mutual funds, individual stocks, individual bonds, exchange-traded funds, and separately managed accounts.

*iRebal offers a flexible tax harvesting feature that allows you to set various loss thresholds for taxable accounts, total loss targets for portfolios, and choose a replacement security for each harvested security. Once the thresholds have been set, iRebal identifies eligible losses in taxable accounts, and shows you the securities that fit the criteria that you have defined.