Our loyalty

Always on the side of the RIA

Always on the side of the RIA

You work tirelessly on behalf of your clients. It's why you became an independent registered investment advisor. For RIAs like you, being a fiduciary is more than just a duty—it's a way of life. Don't you think you deserve the same kind of treatment?

TD Ameritrade Institutional is on your side. So much so that we've publically stated we will not compete with RIAs.

Your strategic copilot

You know what you want to achieve with your firm. You need someone who can help make it happen. We're that someone.

We're here to help you be the best Advisor possible. To have your back while you're building and running your business. And to be there for you while you help your clients pursue the financial goals that they've laid out for themselves.

Putting actions behind our words

How do we deliver on our promises? By giving you the technology, tools, and resources you need, when you need them. By making it our policy to not compete with RIAs. And by hiring people who are passionate about the RIA model and doing whatever it takes to support your goals. People who will be there for you—whether you're just beginning to think about independence, you're ready to transition, or you're building and growing your practice.