Give clients real-time access to their accounts

Sure, you want your clients to stay connected to you and reach out whenever they have questions. But today’s clients want to know that they can easily get the information they want any time of day.

Give them a secure and simple way to access account balances, positions, transaction history, and more with AdvisorClient. They'll also be able to select e-delivery of documents related to their account once they've logged in. You'll be providing great service while saving precious time. And when clients have bigger needs they can quickly access your personalized contact information at the top of each screen.

Your clients can use AdvisorClient to quickly and easily:
View individual or combined accounts
Access transaction history by account
Review remaining retirement account contributions and required minimum distributions
See their asset type summary
Use the Market Snapshot to get a better understanding about what’s happening
Find information about their holdings and stock exchange symbols
Select paperless/e-delivery of documents including statements and account documents, trade confirmations, and tax forms
Complete simple account updates such as changing addresses or updating phone numbers
Offer view-only access to a spouse or other trusted professional
They can also download the AdvisorClient mobile app for their AndroidTM or Apple® devices and access their account information whenever, wherever they want. They’ll get:
Consolidated account views
Remote check deposit
Detailed quotes
Third-party research
Quick access to Advisor contact info

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