TD Ameritrade Retirement Plan

A complete retirement plan, built with RIAs in mind

A complete retirement plan, built with RIAs in mind

There are a lot of retirement plans out there. But solutions built specifically with RIAs in mind? That’s a little harder to come by. 

You want the best options for your clients. Which is why we worked closely with advisors to create a streamlined retirement plan that includes the most sought-after features. The TD Ameritrade Retirement Plan is a simple, flexible, and affordable option for you, your plan sponsors, and their participants.

A step-by-step guide

Building a successful retirement plan business can be a bit intimidating. When you need some help, turn to the TD Ameritrade Retirement Plan Playbook for information about:
Structuring your retirement plan practice 
Prospecting for and winning business  
Setting up the plan with TD Ameritrade Trust Company after you’ve won it 
Servicing and adding value to the plan 

Tons of investment options

You get to choose from thousands of investment vehicles to create a customized investment menu for your clients. Oh, and we don’t have any proprietary fund requirements, so you have even more freedom of choice. Score.
15,000+ mutual funds 
1,100 exchange traded funds (ETFs) 
Self-directed brokerage accounts (SDBAs) 
Unitized managed accounts (UMAs) 
Collective investment funds (CIFs) 
Institutional Money Market Deposit Account (FDIC insured) 

A variety of plan types

Give clients exactly what’s best for them and their participants with a choice in plans.
401(k) plans 
403(b) plans 
Eligible governmental 457(b) plans 

Support and service

No matter where you’re at in the process, you’ll never be left out in the cold. We’ll be working right alongside you to provide your retirement plan clients with:
Full-service recordkeeping, plan administration, and custodial services 
Plan design support 
Participant enrollment support and materials 
Plan documents and supporting forms 
Compliance testing 
Form 5500 preparation 
Guaranteed timely payment of mutual fund revenue sharing 
Directed trustee services (may not be available for all plan types) 
Easy access to plan information online or by phone 
Rollover assistance when participants leave the plan