Business Performance Solutions

Create meaningful change for your business

Create meaningful change for your business

As a registered investment advisor (RIA), your business is your life. Let us help you build the best one possible. Business performance is not just about improving the client experience, adding efficiency, managing risk, maximizing your human capital, and growing your business the way you want. It’s also about helping to make your dreams and visions a reality. We won’t tell you how to do your job or decide your ultimate destination. But we will equip you with the tools you need to to pursue your goals.

One-on-one guidance

Work with our consultants to develop and implement a step-by-step plan in any (or all) of the following five focus areas:


Define your ideal clients
Stand out from the competition
Determine the right pricing model
Cultivate the right relationships
Develop growth strategies specific to your firm

Client experience

Deliver an exceptional, client-driven experience
Build a client-centric culture
Engage investors across generations

Human capital

Attract and retain top talent
Plan for your legacy
Design a more optimized organization
Hone your leadership and management skills
Create compensation plans based on desired results


Get the most out of your resources
Foster a culture of continuous improvement
Maximize productivity

Risk management

Protect your firm’s reputation
Safeguard your clients’ confidential information
Learn the nuances of continuity and succession planning
Understand how to navigate social media rules and regulations

Additional resources available:

On-demand professional development coursework

Use the Education Center to access more than 2,000 courses plus other valuable learning resources, designed to help everyone in your firm, from principals to interns. You can even earn CE credits, wherever applicable.

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Advisor benchmarking

Clients are invited to access benchmarking study results, topical research and whitepapers to help you gain a broader perspective on your business, determine areas that need improvement and gain new ideas that help you make progress.

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Workshops and webinars

Attend one of our national events or regional workshops where you'll work directly with seasoned professionals, network with peers, and get hands-on experience. Not able to attend one of our live workshops? Tune in to one of our monthly virtual presentations to gain valuable insights from our internal specialists, third-party contributors, and RIAs like you.

Cost-effective third-party solutions

Take advantage of our Affinity Services Program to get additional help from a wide variety of well-known third-party providers—some at a discount of 10%–30%.