Block Desk

Get ready to trade even smarter

Get ready to trade even smarter

From inception to settlement, you want to make your trade executions seamless—and potentially more cost-effective. Just let the Block Desk show you the possibilities. You’ll discover new ways to help balance market impact, delays, and opportunity costs. Plus, you’ll get access to education, the Competitive Risk QuoteTM process, execution strategies, and the technology you need help to get the job done.

Challenged by the size, volatility or lack of liquidity inherent in your trade?

Let the Block Desk provide assistance so you may be able to:
•    Potentially manage execution risk
•    Assess possible alternative offerings
•    Learn new ways to communicate potential benefits and risks to your clients
•    Identify potential execution strategies that may benefit you and your clients
•    Better understand the characteristics of an ETF basket
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