Managed Accounts

An easier way to serve your high-net-worth clients

An easier way to serve your high-net-worth clients

Have the flexibility to control the way you manage your high-net-worth accounts. Whether you choose the Separate Account Exchange, our Unified Managed Account Exchange, or pick from a variety of third-party providers, you’ll get flexibility to suit your business model—and your clients’ needs. New to the world of managed accounts? No worries. Our experienced consultants can help you get started.

Pick the option that best suits your business model and your clients’ needs:
Separate Account Exchange: An open-architecture option that gives you access to all major asset classes and investment styles
Unified Managed Account Exchange: Manage a single investment account consisting of a wide variety of investment vehicles and classes, including tactical strategies, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-traded notes (ETNs), closed-end funds, and more
Third-party providers: Take advantage of third-party investment management and resources to support your clients' needs and your business model
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