Investment Products

Investment products for practically any need

Investment products for practically any need

Are your clients are looking to grow their wealth? Mitigate the effects of market volatility? Meet their cash flow needs? Maybe all of the above? Don’t sweat it. You’ll have access to the right investment products. Fixed income, mutual funds, equities … you name it. You’ll have more flexible, cost-effective, and high-quality investment choices than you can shake a stick at. And if that makes you feel overwhelmed, our experienced consultants are at the ready to help you.

Mutual Funds1

Give your clients access to:
13,000+ available, including institutional-only funds from leading portfolio managers
Open- and closed-end funds
Wide variety of share class options
Funds covering all major asset classes


Access major markets to find the right investments for your clients' portfolios:
Corporate stock
Preferred stock
Wide variety of share class options

Fixed income securities2

Dedicated fixed income specialists can help you take full advantage of opportunities for your clients. Products include:
U.S. T-bills, notes, and bonds
Municipal bonds
U.S. agency bonds and discount notes
Corporate bonds
Mortgage-backed securities
Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)
Foreign bonds
Structured products
New issues

Cash management

Managing cash is an important part of your clients’ wealth management. You can offer them access to:
FDIC insured deposit accounts (IDAs)
Margin lending
ACH on demand
Automatic transfer scheduling
Automated periodic payments
ATM fee rebates
Debit card for end clients


Use the ETF Market Center to quickly research and access over 2,300 commission free ETFs.


Qualified clients can take advantage of the options market plus get customized education from the Strategy Desk.

Education planning

Help your clients plan for higher education costs with:
TD Ameritrade 529 College Savings Plan
Coverdell education savings account (ESA)
Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA)/Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA)
Custodial accounts