Investing & Wealth Management

Getting to the very heart of what you do

Investing is more than just having a list of products at your disposal. You need the information, the research, and the tools that can help you put it all together. And that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Investment products

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all investment solution. So when you want to create a custom-fit portfolio, we have the right offering. You’ll get access to a plethora of products plus helpful guidance, third-party research, and tech to get the job done.

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ETF Market Center

Having tons of choice rocks. Especially when it’s commission-free. With the ETF Market Center, you can choose from more than 300 low-cost, commission-free ETFs to find the right fit for almost any strategy—and save your clients money.

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Model Market Center

If you’re tired of spending time building models from scratch—or paying someone else to do it—consider starting with Model Market Center. You can access more than 100 third-party models (many with no added fees) all in one convenient place.

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Managed Account Solutions

What do you get with Managed Account Solutions? Leading institutional-caliber money managers. Loads of product and investment strategy choices. And potential efficiencies to give you more time with clients. Now that’s the way to manage high-net-worth accounts.

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Estate planning

Clients turn to you for financial help. And you’re pretty good at what you do. But how do you help those who want to preserve money, transition it to loved ones, or use it to support their favorite charities? Estate planning is one option.

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Education planning

College costs keep on soaring. And that may be keeping some of your clients up at night. Save the day (and reduce the bags under their eyes) by offering them a choice in secure and tax-advantaged education plans. Because not all heroes wear capes.

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Objective third-party research. Comprehensive reports. Customizable alerts. Now that’s the way to evaluate and manage clients’ portfolios. And it’s all integrated within Veo One®, making it even easier to get the market info you need.

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