Highlights from National LINC

World-class keynote speakers. Leading minds within our industry. Top professionals on the subjects you care most about. National LINC is just one way we bring you the voices that are shaping our industry. Below are some of our favorite highlights :

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Featured Video

Watch TD Ameritrade CEO Tim Hockey and TD Ameritrade Institutional President Tom Nally break down the company’s perspective on the critical role of the RIA—both for investors and the future of the company.

On-demand session replays

10 business building ideas for Emerging Advisors

Emerging advisors — young or new-to-the-field advisors who are serious about growing a business — are changing the advisor landscape. Find out how you can strategically build your business and cultivate relationships that matter.

Advanced technology: What's next in fintech?

Look into the future with a walk through artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, and all the new advancements that are affecting fintech -- and the future of your business.

Behavioral Finance 101 - 10 Ways to manage client expectations and behavior

Take a fascinating walk through human behavior with MIT professor Dr. Renee Richardson Gosline. You'll learn about how people make decisions -- and how you can use that knowledge to help them make better financial choices.

Elevating your client experience

Join Greg Menefee of TD Ameritrade Institutional as he walks you through the process of building a client experience worthy of your practice. These proven practices give you the opportunity to differentiate your firm in a sea of sameness.

Veo One®: More features, integrations, analytics, and power

Explore the new features, added integrations, and powerful analytics in Veo One. Learn everything you need to know to bring your most important tech together in one easy-to-use platform.

How do you find talent that helps broaden your reach?

Don't let the talent shortage hamper your firm's growth. Learn how to recruit and retain the right people to build the forward-thinking, future-proofed organization you're working toward.

Why is it still about AUM?

Let's talk pricing. Join Eliza DePardo to examine the current state of pricing among RIAs, the reason firms are reluctant to make a change, and the benefits of thinking outside of AUM.

Industries of change: Trends and tech innovation

We're witnessing significant change in almost every industry, from the medical field to pizza delivery. How will our behaviors change? How will our businesses change? Hear about some of the most explosive tech

Better connect with your clients through our upgraded client portal

Provide your clients with a best-in-class online experperience with the new AdvisorClient.com. Learn how the new user-friendly platform saves you time while answering your clients' most common questions about their accounts, 24/7.

Trade war (what is it good for?)—Investing in China during the Trump Era

Get an in-depth look at the world's second largest economy — and largest contributor to global growth. Andy Rothman, Matthews Asia Investment Strategist, will walk you through the potential in China — despite the current trade war.

Uncovering the truth about cybersecurity

Learn how to make better cybersecurity decsions and sheild your firm from risk. View this session to get up to speed on the current state of cyber-security, and how you can maximize your own cyber-safety.

Improve your firm's marketing in the digital age

You already know that a smart online marketing strategy is key to accelerating your firm’s growth. Now, get the advanced strategies you need – and concrete tactics to implement – from Michael Byrnes, nationally renowned marketing consultant.

Proven marketing strategies to grow your business

A panel of CMOs from the most successful RIA firms share the most powerful marketing strategies to propel your firm’s growth. Join marketing minds from Carson Group, United Capital, and more and learn to push your business forward.

A new approach to earning referrals

A strong referral program is the most effective source of quality leads. It’s also unpredictable. Dan Allison, financial advisor and consumer behavior researcher, will teach you how you can maximize your referrals and your business growth.

The new meaningful measure:
Proving the value of relationship

Measuring the value of your clients is easy. But how are they valuing you? Ron Carson, Founder and CEO of Carson Group, shares invaluable insight on how to bring your value as an Advisor to the forefront, and deepen relationships with each client you serve.

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Highlight articles

A look back at 10 years of student-advisor connections at National LINC

A look back at 10 years of student-advisor connections at National LINC

by Nicole Iteffa | February 26, 2019

Over the last decade, NextGen efforts at LINC have continued to make an impact for students, advisors and the overall sustainability of our industry... and it’s just the beginning.

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Industries of change: Using sci-fi to predict the future of your business

Industries of change: Using sci-fi to predict the future of your business

by Dani Fava | February 25, 2019

Science fiction has predicted countless innovations that we now use in our business and personal lives. We take a look into the future at your clients and how they will differ from today.

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A new approach to earning referrals

A new approach to earning referrals

by Mary Kate Gulick | February 20, 2019

When Dan Allison became a financial advisor, he figured it would be easy. His background was in mental health, after all. He understood how people thought, how they made decisions. It should be a simple switch, right? Wrong.

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First-ever Innovation Quest winner announced at LINC 2019

First-ever Innovation Quest winner announced at LINC

by Mary Kate Gulick | February 14, 2019

The three finalists in TD Ameritrade Institutional’s fintech competition took the stage at National LINC. They pitched their ideas to nearly 2,000 advisors and a panel of expert judges, who made the call on how to divvy up $100,000 in prize money.

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Do you know your value proposition?


by Adam Shalvey | February 12, 2019

The old ways of demonstrating value isn’t enough anymore. Ron Carson talks about what your value is now and how you can show your relevance to your clients in an ever-changing, technologically-accelerated world.

Marketing strategies advisors can learn from retailers


by Lisa Joyce | February 11, 2019

Personalized retail experiences are changing consumer expectations of all interactions – including your clients’ interactions with you. Jenny Fleiss, CEO of Rent the Runway, will provide lessons from the retail world that can dramatically impact your business.

4 steps to elevating client experience


by Lisa Joyce | February 11, 2019

Today’s advice landscape is rapidly becoming less personal . . . and that means the client experience is more important than ever. Get the scoop on the hottest topic affecting the growth of your business and your retention of current employees.

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