Who builds your confidence?


by Kate Healy | March 4, 2019

Inspired by International Women's Day, Kate reflects on those that have supported her over the years, both personally and professionally. She discusses the impact you can make on a person's career (possibly someone you haven't even met yet).

A look back at 10 years of student-advisor connections at National LINC


by Nicole Iteffa | February 26, 2019

Over the last decade, NextGen efforts at LINC have continued to make an impact for students, advisors and the overall sustainability of our industry... and it’s just the beginning.

Industries of change: Using sci-fi to predict the future of your business

Dani Fava | Article | February 25, 2019

Science fiction has predicted countless innovations that we now use in our business and personal lives. We take a look into the future at your clients and how they will differ from today.

First-ever Innovation Quest winner announced at LINC 2019

Mary Kate Gulick | Article | 2/14/2019

The three finalists in TD Ameritrade Institutional’s fintech competition took the stage at National LINC. They pitched their ideas to nearly 2,000 advisors and a panel of expert judges, who made the call on how to divvy up $100,000 in prize money.

Do you know your value proposition?

Adam Shalvey | Article | 2/12/2019

The old ways of demonstrating value isn’t enough anymore. Ron Carson talks about what your value is now and how you can show your relevance to your clients in an ever-changing, technologically-accelerated world.

4 steps to elevating client experience

Lisa Joyce | Article | 2/11/2019

Client experience is a hot topic for advisors, evidenced by the standing-room only crowd for Greg Menefee's session Elevating Your Customer Experience at LINC 2019. Menefee, director of Business Consulting for TD Ameritrade Institutional, stressed how important client experience is to advisor success, helped advisors identify where their client experience falls short and offered strategies to improve the experience.

What in the wide, wild world of fiduciary is going on here?

Skip Schweiss | Article | 2/6/2019

Investment advisers (and others) often ask me about the status of various policy proceedings around standards of care for investors. This seems to be a constant – and slowly moving – target, so here's the latest roundup.

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What drives advisors to pro bono work? Their wiring

Ellen Uzelac | Article | 1/7/2019

When Laura Tarbox first started her advisory business, she also cleaned houses, delivered The Wall Street Journal in the dark before dawn, and did bookkeeping for a record store.

Inclusivity. A win-win-win.

Kate Healy | Article | 12/20/2018

There are many ways to build social capital. One big way is to focus on inclusivity — supporting paths for all types of colleagues and clients, and deliberately structuring the policies and programs that make those paths real. Here's how some firms are doing just that.

How AI allows advisors more “in real life" face-to-face time with investors

Melissa Banigan | Article | 11/20/2018

Sure, chat-bots are efficient. They free us from tedious, repetitive work, and unlike us, they're always on call. Yet while there's no doubt that chat-bots and AI in general can potentially increase a company's bottom line, they're also disliked by clients.

Using AI to bridge the RIA talent gap

Melissa Banigan | Article | 11/19/2018

The lack of qualified talent and poor recruitment strategies have left a disconnect between the needs of the industry and the talent they need to hire, and some advisory firms are even hiring from outside of the industry or poaching top-level financial advisors from competitors. These solutions don't address the diversity issue, though — and artificial intelligence, or AI, can help.

Embrace innovation to attract NextGen investors

Dani Fava | Article | 11/19/2018

From shopping to banking, technology has fundamentally changed our relationship with money. That means if registered investment advisors (RIAs) want to stay relevant, especially to younger investors, they need to change their relationship with technology.

Ways to add value when advising the LGBTQ community

Lisa Joyce | Article | 11/01/2018

A secure retirement. Taking care of loved ones. Maintaining financial independence. Those are universal client desires. But your lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) clients face some unique challenges while pursuing those goals.

Breadth-taking views of the market’s health

Clint Cowles | Article | 07/26/2018

Technical analysis offers a wide range of options to analyze the strength of a market trend. Many use price action and indicators, but when it comes to analyzing the strength of an index, it is helpful to look at the breadth underlying that index.

Learn more about the SEC’s proposed advice standards

Skip Schweiss | Article | 07/25/2018

We doubt most RIAs have the time to consume and digest proposals that total nearly 1,000 pages, so we asked a leading authority on advisor regulation to boil down some of the more important aspects to just 10 pages – a 99 percent reduction!

What we can do to increase diversity in financial planning

Kate Healy | Article | 07/12/2018

Individuals are looking for trusted financial advice more than ever and they want to work with someone they feel they can relate to. And right now, the RIA pool doesn’t look like the investors.

Is King Dollar’s crown losing its luster?

Michael McKerr | Article | 06/28/2018

Long-term charts suggest the dollar may be at risk of a notable decline as we approach 2019 and 2020.

Excesses building up in the belly of US Treasuries

Michael McKerr | Article | 05/15/2018

Whether it be 10 year notes breaking above the 3% linchpin or the looming inversion of the yield curve, financial gurus are pounding the table about how rates are in one way or another going to derail the appetite for risk and send the economy into a recession.

Have no fear, market volatility is here

Michael Turvey | Article | 04/22/2018

If an investment fund was advertising low double digit returns with little to no volatility, how many people would sign up? There’s a few reasons why that’s probably not a good idea, and why a moderate amount of volatility is actually a good thing.

A new world order

Lisa Joyce | Article | 04/10/2018

Try to keep up as Dr. Ian Bremmer takes us on a bi-partisan round-the-world trip, sharing some of his “in the know” insights and perspectives about the world as it stood in February during TD Ameritrade Institutional’s 2018 National LINC conference.

Emerging trend: Compensation is about more than cash

Vanessa Oligino | Article | 10/23/2017

While cash compensation is certainly a key factor in a firm’s ability to attract and retain talent, for today’s workforce it’s typically not the most important one.

The average advisor age nudges lower

Kate Healy | Article | 10/01/2017

The financial advisory industry is getting younger as more firms are targeting recent college graduates for revenue-generating roles.

So long summer, hello conferences

Kate Healy | Article | 09/11/2017

My next few months will be packed with events where I’ll be meeting new people, running into old friends, and doing my favorite thing: “AdvoKating” for the future of our industry.

NextGen RIA scholarship and grant winners invade the Big Apple

Kate Healy | Article | 08/03/2017

For many, summer in the city is something to try to escape from the heat and humidity. But it’s also my favorite time of year - it symbolizes an infusion of new energy into the RIA world as we celebrate our NextGen RIA Scholarship and Grant winners.

No dog days for fiduciary standard

Skip Schweiss | Article | 07/19/2017

To say June 2017 was a busy time for the fiduciary standard would be an understatement...

Charting the course for your firm

George Tamer | Article | 07/22/2017

We took a new approach for the conference this year. Sessions explored topics such as mindfulness, innovation and understanding your own “flow.”

Fathers, front and center

Kate Healy | Article | 07/05/2017

As someone who is passionate about growing the number of women and other under-represented groups in the ranks of financial planners, it’s no surprise I often direct my advice and encouragement to women. Not today. Today, I’m talking to you: dad.

RIAs convene on Capitol Hill

Skip Schweiss | Article | 06/12/2017

I just returned from the Investment Adviser Association’s 10th annual Lobbying Day in Washington, D.C., where the IAA and registered independent advisers (RIAs) fan out to meet with lawmakers and their staff to discuss issues of top concern to RIAs.

DOL fiduciary rule to take effect June 9

Skip Schweiss | Article | 06/01/2017

On Tuesday, Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta published a commentary piece in the Wall Street Journal, titled, “Deregulators Must Follow the Law, So Regulators Will Too”.

DOL conflict of interest rule front and center — what now?

Skip Schweiss | Article | 05/08/2017

Two weeks after being sworn into office, President Trump issued an executive order instructing the Department of Labor (DOL) to take a fresh look at its Conflict of Interest Rule (the Rule).

Fostering a culture of continuous improvement

Travis Brewer | Article | 04/26/2017

When you consider ways to grow your firm, are the top two options that come to mind onboarding more clients or acquiring another firm? If so, you’re not alone. But the reality is, operational efficiency takes discipline and is an often-overlooked.

Reading the tea leaves through transition

Skip Schweiss | Article | 04/13/2017

As the new presidential administration works to get its many political appointments made and its policy prescriptions moving, we are keeping an eye on things for you.

NextGen students and their schools take on National LINC

Kate Healy | Article | 03/21/2017

The future of the RIA industry is in great hands — if the 50 students from 25 universities who attended National LINC 2017 are any indication.

Evaluating and improving your online client experience

Olivia Tromm & Todd McMullen | Article | 03/02/2017

RIAs might think that only millennial investors want their advisors to have an online presence, but research shows investors from all age groups want the option to interface with the financial professionals in their lives when and where they need.

NextGen students and their schools take on National LINC

Kate Healy | Article | 03/01/2017

The future of the RIA industry is in great hands — if the 50 students from 25 universities who attended National LINC 2017 are any indication.

Nothing has changed, for the moment

Skip Schweiss | Article | 02/17/2017

Recent news from the White House about the Department of Labor (DOL) Conflict of Interest Rule (the Rule) have resulted in confusion for investors and industry insiders alike.

A woman on a mission

Kate Healy | Article | 01/16/2017

A few weeks ago I heard that’s Word of the Year was “xenophobia”—fear, or even hatred of things or people that are foreign. This really stopped me in my tracks.

Think the DOL rule is history? Not so fast…

Skip Schweiss | Article | 12/12/2016

There is no magic wand to do away with a new regulation once it’s final.

Disruption creates opportunity

Skip Schweiss | Article | 12/07/2016

Let’s look at how to potentially take your business to the next level in the new landscape.

The days are long, but a year is short

Skip Schweiss | Article | 10/12/2016

When the Department of Labor (DOL) released its Conflict of Interest Rule in April of this year, I began quite a road trip.

Fiduciary rule: Yes, RIAs must also adapt

Skip Schweiss | Article | 04/26/2016

After six years of proposals and feedback, the Department of Labor (DOL) released its final “Conflict of Interest Rule” on April 6, 2016.

Digging in to alternative investments

Matt Judge | Article | 03/18/2016

If you plan to incorporate alternative investments into your clients’ portfolios, it’s important to explore the details.

Three ideas for accelerating technology adoption within your RIA firm

Olivia Tromm | Article | 02/10/2016

Over the past few months, I’ve been consulting with a large RIA firm that transitioned to a new customer relationship management (CRM) system. I’ll equate the scenario to “transitioning” from owning and driving a 1997 Honda Civic to a 2015 BMW.

What RIAs can learn from a futurist

Jon Patullo | Article | 05/17/2015

As the available pool of assets is poised to break the floodgates, offering incredible new opportunities for advisors, the competition and range of solutions is also set to grow in volume and complexity.

RIA state of the union

Skip Schweiss | Article | 05/15/2015

With such little movement on the regulatory front, maybe it’s time to forge a new path of conversation around regulations and standards in the financial advice space.

Your secret weapon against robo-technology

George Tamer | Article | 05/14/2015

Robo technology has been able to gain considerable market share by targeting a sector of the marketplace that has been largely ignored by the investment industry.

RIA state of the union

Skip Schweiss | Article | 05/05/2015

With such little movement on the regulatory front, maybe it’s time to forge a new path of conversation around regulations and standards in the financial advice space.

Whither a uniform fiduciary standard? (Or which way bloweth today’s wind?)

Skip Schweiss | Article | 06/06/2014

There’s an old sailor’s mantra that says, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.” On the landscape of fiduciary standard, is it morning or night?