Our security procedures

What do we do to make sure that your account management and trading experience is a secure one? Our systems, policies, and partnerships are carefully developed and maintained to safeguard your trading environment, your clients' personal information, and financial assets.

Our systems

  • We utilize advanced firewalls to keep unauthorized parties from gaining access to personal information. We also use anomaly detection and intrusion detection technology to alert us of unusual behavior in an account.
  • Firewalls keep our public Web servers separate from the servers that contain account and personal data, so they can't be accessed directly from the Internet.
  • Our secure website uses 128-bit encryption on the transmission of all data transmitted between our website and your computer.

Our policies

  • We will never send your clients an email requesting their account number, UserID, PIN, password, or other personal information.
  • We require clients to create unique UserIDs and alphanumeric passwords to log on to our secure Web sites.
  • We ask clients to select four security questions when an extra identity check seems warranted.
  • Internally, access to client information is limited by a well-established computer security approach called "least privilege access" and is firewall-controlled.
  • Our employees are thoroughly trained in our policies and how to uphold them.
  • If we detect suspicious activity in an account, we'll block access to it until we are called by the client to unblock the account. We do this to validate that the account activity was intended by the account holder to protect the client in case it was not.
  • Our privacy policy reflects the standards we adhere to.
  • The Asset Protection Guarantee protects your clients' assets in case of unauthorized activity. Learn more.

Helping you protect your identity

We work with leading firms in the security industry to bring you security products to protect your system, your identity, and your clients' identities.

Start with the right tools

To help you safeguard your computer and your identity, we've arranged for special pricing on products and services from trusted industry leaders.