There's a reason why the RIA model is the fastest-growing channel in the industry.

For many advisors, the RIA model gives them the greatest opportunity for success and enables them to do the best possible job for their clients. Is it the right model for you too?

" There's much more flexibility, and the potential for growth with the RIA channel."
Ron Wyatt

Managing Principal, JFS Wealth Advisors

The RIA model is thriving.

More advisors are embracing the RIA model than ever before. The RIA industry has been steadily gaining assets since 2008. Looking further back, it's grown 40% since 20051, while wirehouses have only grown 5%.1 Looking forward, the RIA channel has the potential to grow 30% over the next two years.2

Clients follow advisors to RIA firms.

Almost three-quarters, or 73%, of clients followed advisors who moved to an independent RIA firm in 20103. A full 61% of clients followed their advisors within the first three months.3

Clients are satisfied with their advisor's move.

Nearly all clients - a total of 90% - are satisfied with their advisor's move to an independent RIA firm, according to our research. A full 65% of clients are "very satisfied" with their advisor's move.3

Advisors from wirehouses and broker-dealers are leading the charge.

Where are RIAs coming from? Before moving to an independent RIA firm, 27% of advisors say they worked at a wirehouse and 25% said they worked at an independent broker dealer.3

Advisors at RIAs are embracing their fee business.

From 2005 to 2011, the fee-based approach has grown by 25%. Advisors at independent RIAs now report that 54% of their business is fee business.

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