How can we help you market and grow your business?

Whether your goal is to acquire new clients, deepen your existing client relationships or build your brand, we have the resources to help.

We'll get to know your unique business and help you define your objectives. As you weigh your options, we'll work with you to help you consider every angle. Once you're ready to move forward, we'll deliver a customized step-by-step plan and help you identify the best resources to execute your plan.

"We have had substantial growth ever since we started using TD Ameritrade's practice management solutions."
Gordon Bernhardt

Bernhardt Wealth Management

We'll make key resources available to you:

  • Referral services: Through our AdvisorDirect™ program, qualified advisors can access leads from a network of over 100 TD Ameritrade branches.
  • Prospecting tool: With High Net Worth Insight from Infinata, you can gain access to current and potential clients.
  • Advisor Marketing Toolkit: This powerful toolkit can help you differentiate and market your business. Use its components to educate prospects on the fiduciary model, market your unique business model, and promote your TD Ameritrade Custodial relationship.

Advisor Marketing Toolkit

TD Ameritrade Institutional has created a straightforward and comprehensive Toolkit providing you with resources to help you differentiate and market your business:

Educate on Your Fiduciary Responsibility - Investor-focused resources to help you educate your clients on the fiduciary model.

Market Your Unique Business - Academic whitepapers, actionable guidebooks and third-party resources to assist with your marketing needs.

Promote Your TD Ameritrade Custodial Relationship - Resources to show your clients the kind of service and support we can provide as your custodian.

To access the remaining components of the Toolkit, call 800-934-6124.

Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals can help you:

  • Map out and refine your business strategy
  • Identify competitive differentiators
  • Create and execute on a marketing plan
  • Identify and better understand prospective clients
  • Develop your own personal brand
  • Introduce new products and services
  • Evaluate pricing strategies
  • Connect with third party service providers

Learn how we can help you increase your efficiency 

Potential AdvisorDirect clients should typically have at least $200,000 in assets to invest. Some RIAs have higher or lower minimum asset requirements. There is no charge or obligation to the client for the initial consultation with the RIA. Once the client selects an RIA, the client will pay advisory fees and standard brokerage fees. Brokerage transactions executed through TD Ameritrade are subject to standard transaction charges. The client should review an RIA's Form ADV, other applicable advisor disclosure document(s) and the AdvisorDirect Disclosure and Acknowledgement Document prior to engaging an RIA. The Form ADV contains important disclosure information relative to an RIA's services and fees. RIAs charge an ongoing investment advisory fee to the client for their services. RIAs will pay TD Ameritrade fees for their participation in the AdvisorDirect program. Those fees will usually constitute a percentage of the advisory fees the client will pay his/her RIA. For additional details about the fees paid to TD Ameritrade and other conflicts of interest, please review the AdvisorDirect Disclosure and Acknowledgement Document and the client should ask his/her RIA about its specific arrangement with TD Ameritrade. Please note: Under no circumstances should participation by a certain RIA in AdvisorDirect be considered an endorsement or recommendation by TD Ameritrade for that particular RIA.

TD Ameritrade and Infinata are separate, unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other's services and policies. Access to the Infinata database is provided by TD Ameritrade Institutional as a service to financial advisors using the brokerage, execution and custody services of TD Ameritrade Institutional. TD Ameritrade does not guarantee nor is it responsible for the completeness or accuracy of the data provided by third-party firms or for the quality of any third-party firm's product or service.