Independence is a lifestyle.

Being an RIA means having the freedom to do things your own way. It means always working with clients on your terms - from the investments you offer, to the services you provide, to where you work, to how much time you dedicate to each client. In short, the way you do business is entirely up to you.

" We also have the flexibility to have a little bit more focus outside of the firm, you know, being with our families too, which is important. "
Alison Gamble

President, Gamble Jones Investment Counsel

Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit – and the relationship you have with your clients.

If you have an independent mindset and a vision of how you want to serve your clients, the RIA model may be right for you. After all, it can be a great way to get the control and freedom you need to do the very best job for your clients.

Make a long-term investment in your potential.

While there are financial incentives to becoming an RIA, they're not the primary reason most advisors decide to make the move. Instead, they do it for the opportunity to do a better job for their clients and lead a different life. The lure of becoming an RIA is about long-term freedom not short-term gains.

Adhere to a fiduciary standard.

As an RIA, you'll follow an unbiased fiduciary standard - delivering financial advice without the restraints of proprietary products and sales goals. By definition, as an RIA, everything you do has to be in your clients' best interests.

Now that you've learned a little bit more about being an RIA, find out which model is right for you with our Exploring Independence tool.